Hey, that's Hayko Riemenschneider!

Hayko Riemenschneider jumping at Murursprung near Sticklerhuette, Austria!

As everything in life, this site will grow and be enriched with time.

For contact, think of a topic at hayko dot at.

Light brings out the best in me - whatever its form.

I am interested in its forms as images, photography, computer vision products and research.
I've spent a few years learning, teaching and creating computer vision and machine *ehm* deep learning software.
I like cooking and hiking and biking and generally a lot of *king stuff.
I also like maps and making maps. yeah.

Some possibly active or previous projects:
* Computer Vision Genealogy v1.0 beta
* Yet Another Computer Vision Index to Datasets
* a collection of food recipes
* a collection of jump photos (needs an update)
* an attempt to understand the interaction of our lindyhop / swing dance figures (work in progress)
* for great food, visit the Indicio website or the intermediate online menu
* the open air cinematic experience at Franziskanerkino (outdated)
* general photography photography
* photoblog (before insta-whatever) photo blog
* my research at ETH Zurich - varcity and other research
* the VarCity project at ETH Zurich and its glorious video premiere: full movie (11k hits) and teaser (22k hits)
* my life at the Computer Vision Lab aka BIWI.
* my life as a public relations persons lead to some media presence.

* linkedin
* twitter
* instagram
* google me for my current work place

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